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This database service is meant to orientated market partners to get connected. Entries are monitored carefully with due diligence. However, there is no warranty that the data displayed is completely accurate. Especially the publisher of this services does not warranty that the certificates are valid. To check the validity of certificates use the official website of FSC at!

This database helps you to find FSC-certified producers, distributors and services providers. You can also search for paper brands or paper specifications.

Implementing a responsible paper policy is a composition of reducing consumption, recycling and the use of FSC-certified fresh-fibre. You find more information in the NGO-Papervision „A common vision for transforming the European paper industry” by leading environmental groups and on good recycling paper on the website of the The Blue Angel.

The content of the database is published by the German FSC paper committee under the auspices of the medialogik GmbH, Karlsruhe.


Plenty of information about the FSC can be requested as brochures at:

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